What Is A Divorce Lawyer?

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A divorce lawyer is a legal expert who specialises in facilitating divorce procedures as well as dissolution and annulment. These professionals tend to also be family law practitioners who analyze a variety of issues that are related to marriage and family.

When two individuals decide to have a divorce, they are advised to hire a lawyer to help with the ins and outs of the legal separation. Divorce lawyers know the process and ensure both parties have their legal rights protected. Not to mention, helping to promote an amicable separation.

The Tasks Of A Divorce Lawyer

Draw Up Divorce Papers

When one or both parties want a divorce, they will contact a divorce lawyer to start putting together all the relevant papers. In situations where only one party wants to separate, the divorce papers will be signed and presented to the other party as a petition for dissolution.

Moderate Settlements

Divorce lawyers are responsible for taking care of all the divorce settlements which usually includes discussions about child custody, division of assets, and child support. In some cases, a lawyer will implement a prenuptial agreement or become involved in other elements of the divorce. 

For example, if a separated couple has fertilised embryos in storage, divorce lawyers from each respective party would have to decide what happens with them.

Represent Clients In Court

During contentious divorces, a divorce lawyer may need to represent a client in court and appeal for or against the separation. They may need to stand in court for family-related issues like child custody and adoption as well.

Furthermore, clients may approach divorce lawyers at the start of marriage to structure a prenuptial agreement in case the marriage does not go according to plan. As a result, the divorce procedure becomes more amicable and seamless as the legal groundwork has already been done.

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Raju JunejaWhat Is A Divorce Lawyer?