About Us

Fitz Solicitors was set up towards the end of 2006; its village setting was a perfect foil to the previously experienced traumas of commuting to the City and the impersonal bustle of a large law practice. Without sacrificing any intellectual rigour, the legal team has learnt to adapt to the needs of its clientele (whether corporate or personal clients) and draws very favourable comments in respect of its innovative, fresh approach to legal problems.

Fitz Solicitors offer you not just ANY legal services, but Fitz LEGAL SERVICES.

Vive la difference!

Company Brochure

Fitz Solicitors has a youthful confident air, uncluttered by the baggage of a long past. Three quarters of its lawyers are Fitz trained and portray the enthusiasm and vitality of successful and proud professionals, confident in their own abilities but always ambitious in the pursuit of excellence.

Fitz Solicitors puts client service at the top of its agenda. As a matter of commercial reality, we recognise that a fully satisfied client is likely to come back in the future to instruct us again. We are always delighted when a client re-appears.

Let us call you back

If you require legal assistance and would like someone to call you to discuss the issue, complete your information in the online enquiry form here and one of our solicitors will be in touch with you to tell you how we can help.

Alternatively you can contact us on 01753 592 000

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