Social v Professional Advice On A Divorce

on October 27, 2017 Comments Off on Social v Professional Advice On A Divorce

It is natural that the first step you would take during the breakdown of a relationship is to turn to your friends and family. It is human nature to rely on them for support and a shoulder to cry on, plus it never hurts to receive empathy when you’re struggling.

Having their moral support, however, should not be translated into ‘advice’. There ought to be a line drawn between professional and social advice.  Whilst it is necessary to rely on friends and family for a morale boost, you can enter into dangerous territory if you allow them to enter the realm of legal advice and decision-making.

It is common during a divorce to complain to your friends and family about what your spouse is seeking in a divorce settlement and far too often those that have been through a divorce will tell you about the settlement that they reached.  This can give you an unrealistic idea of what you may achieve in your own divorce financial settlement.

Divorce settlements in family courts are not consistent with the typical decision making processes taken by other civil courts. Each settlement issue is resolved on a case-by-case basis. No two cases are alike because each family’s circumstances are specific to them.  Just because your friend in the pub has been through a divorce settlement previously, does not mean that your case will be identical or even similar to theirs.

Therefore, when seeking advice do not turn to your friends and family. Instead turn to those that are qualified and certain with their guidance.  Seek independent legal advice from those that have the correct background information, legal knowledge and a single-minded approach to achieve the best outcome for their clients. A solicitor’s motive is guided by the professional conscience, obligations and discretion that are sworn upon; rules your friends and family will not contemplate.

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