Unmarried Couples

Fitz has a dedicated team of family lawyers to assist you with any cohabitation queries. Whether you are thinking of moving in with a new partner, selling a property that is jointly owned, or if your relationship has come to an end our family law team is helpful, sympathetic and on hand to assist you in achieving your desired outcome.

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It is more common for couples in the UK to cohabit without getting married than ever before. It is not unusual to want to safeguard one’s position in the event that the relationship later breaks down.

We can assist in various matters that affect unmarried couples such as buying property together and advise on entering into a declaration of trust to effectively record each parties’ financial contribution, their respective shares in the property and their share on the sale of the property.

We will also provide appropriate advice on making a will and safeguarding your loved ones.


Some parties may wish to record their living and financial arrangements more formally by entering into a cohabitation agreement which can provide peace of mind should the relationship later break down. Such agreements can be utilised to record the following:

    • Whether or not the parties have disclosed their financial positions to each other;

    • How to treat their separate properties;

    • How to treat joint properties;

    • How to treat gifts made to each other during the relationship;

    • How to treat gifts received from the other party’s family;

    • Bank accounts;

    • Debts;

    • Provision for dealing with the home;

    • Provision for dealing with household expenses;

    • Selling the home;

    • Financial support during the relationship; and

    • Provision for financial support should the relationship end.

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Cohabiting couples, regardless of the length of their relationship, are not afforded the same rights as married couples and the breakdown of a relationship can be very difficult.

We are experienced in resolving disputes that arise as a result of the breakdown of a relationship the most common of which relates to property disputes.

To discuss further, please contact our family law team on 01753 592000.

Many couples will encounter difficult times during the course of their relationship. Dealing with the breakdown of a relationship and marriage is a stressful and emotive time.

Mediation can assist the parties in discussing matters openly together to resolve any issues in dispute to achieve a solution to suit both parties and any children.

Mediation when addressed with an open mind and willingness to negotiate can be effective and in turn result in less legal fees.

It is also important to remember that the Courts encourage mediation and will look to see how the parties have engaged in attempting to resolve matters amicably prior to the issue of any court proceedings, particularly in relation to financial disputes.

To discuss further, please contact our family law team on 01753 592000.

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