Solicitors Ascot

Fitz employs a team of exceptional solicitors in Ascot. Our solicitors draw upon their extensive industry knowledge and experience to tackle legal issues with a fresh and innovative approach. We are a local firm who serve a range of individual and commercial clients, across a broad spectrum of legal practices,  in Ascot.

Our Areas of Expertise

The legal services our Ascot solicitors offer are split into three main areas. Personal services are issues such as will writing, dispute resolution and employment law conflicts. Family services cover disputes between married or cohabiting couples, such as property ownership and pre or postnuptial agreements. Thirdly, our business services are suitable for a vast range of sectors including retail, advertising and finance. 


Whatever challenge you are facing, we can help you overcome it.

The Fitz Approach

Most of our solicitors have been Fitz trained, and so our unique approach has been instilled in them from the beginning. Our firm was set up as an opposition to the impersonal bustle of large, corporate law firms. We understand that you often need a solicitor during a stressful period of your life, and so you should choose one who focuses not only on the legal issue at hand, but also how this personally and emotionally affects you. 


Our solicitors in Ascot know how to adapt to the unique needs of each and every client, and they offer a personable approach to put you instantly at ease.

Let us call you back

If you require legal assistance and would like someone to call you to discuss the issue, complete your information in the online enquiry form here and one of our solicitors will be in touch with you to tell you how we can help.

Alternatively you can contact us on 01753 592 000

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