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In complicated divorces where there is a substantial amount of matrimonial assets, for example businesses or properties, more often than not both parties will have their own divorce lawyer. However, that doesn’t mean it’s necessary or by any means compulsory to hire a divorce lawyer if you are going through the separation process. 

When you DO Need a Divorce Lawyer

It’s not always realistic to expect a quick and easy divorce, even if both parties have the best intentions there are likely to be disagreements. If you have significant assets at stake and you cannot agree on how these shared assets should be divided, then it is advisable that both of you hire respective divorce lawyers. This is particularly important if one party is in a stronger financial position than the other. 

Additionally, if there is animosity between both of you, and the divorce process is becoming highly acrimonious then it is often necessary for a divorce lawyer to step in. They will be trained in handling the process and they can take care of communication with the other party, which can relieve you of some of the stress involved in a divorce. 

Finally, if there are children involved in the divorce then the process can become much complicated, particularly when it comes to custody battles. In this case it is strongly advised that you hire a divorce lawyer. Not only can they help you understand the process, but they can engage in the negotiations with the other spouse and their divorce lawyer. In this instance the divorce lawyer will be able to provide advice on achieving the most beneficial outcome for both parties, as well as the children. They can also spot potential future problems and implement preventative solutions. 

When you DON’T Need a Divorce Lawyer

Getting a divorce without legal advice will be less costly in the short term. If you have had an amicable break up and you don’t have any significant shared assets or children then it may not be necessary to seek legal advice. 

However, getting a divorce without the help of a legal adviser can prove costly in the long run. For example, an ex-spouse could potentially claim future earnings so it can be beneficial to hire a divorce lawyer to spot potential pitfalls such as this which can cost you in the long run.

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