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At Fitz Solicitors, we offer a variety of legal services to meet a host of needs. We are specialists when it comes to property law, family law, litigation, employment law and can also come to your assistance if you need legal assistance for your business. We have been a leading player in our field for over a decade, with many of our lawyers having received training of the highest calibre in-house. Each Fitz solicitor in Slough is completely up-to-date with the latest legislation and completely equipped to provide the outstanding legal service that you deserve.

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Why go local?

There are many great reasons for using a local solicitor in Slough when you require legal help. People use solicitors in their local area to communicate face-to-face, gain the clarity they are seeking, obtain advice specific to the area they live in, to swiftly resolve last-minute hitches with paperwork in person and for better response times.

Years of experience

Since our 2006 inception, we have seen many law firms come and go. We have been able to continually grow our firm by offering a valuable personal touch and going the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied with the service that they receive. Whether you need legal services related to wills, probate, employment law, dispute resolution or property, we can help.

Dispute resolution

Many people come to us when they need family law solicitors in Slough. We can help you resolve many family-related matters, including issues linked to divorce and financial remedy. We always aim to resolve disputes in a calm and civilised matter, whether the problem is related to personal or business relationships. In many cases, we can settle disputes out of court, which is normally beneficial for all concerned, delivering outcomes that everyone is satisfied with.

Legal services for businesses

We also provide legal services for businesses from a wealth of sectors. These industries include retail, restaurant and catering, medical and dental, advertising, oil and gas, finance, education, recruitment and many more. Our clients frequently compliment us on our legal knowledge, determined approach, efficiency and professionalism, with many recommending us to their family members, friends and associates. We offer a highly personalised service and have become incredibly efficient at adapting to the varying requirements of our clients. There are many useful resources for you to read on our website, including our guides to buying and selling houses and complete guide to all our services. You can also take a look at our case studies to get a deeper insight into how we operate. These case studies include information about how we deal with rent reviews, settlement agreements in employment, divorce settlements, wills and probate.

Contacting us

We are waiting to hear from you today if you require professional assistance with a legal matter for your business, family or yourself. Why not call us on for your free initial consultation? You can also reach our solicitors in Slough by sending an email to or by completing the form on our site.

Let us call you back

If you require legal assistance and would like someone to call you to discuss the issue, complete your information in the online enquiry form here and one of our solicitors will be in touch with you to tell you how we can help.

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