Unusually for a provincial practice, Fitz Solicitors offer a full range of environmental law services.

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We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.

These specialist services, delivered practically and commercially, will usually have a significantly beneficial impact on the profit margins enjoyed by client businesses. Our expertise is available to clients either by way of advice on ensuring compliance with this evolving area of law or in acting for clients who may be in breach of such law and in need of assistance where a regulator chooses to prosecute.

We can provide a solution to:

  • Statutory Nuisance
  • Water Pollution
  • Emissions to atmosphere
  • Waste Offences
  • Radioactive emissions
  • Contaminated land

We always recommend clients to make use of our advisory service as a precaution and thereby protect their bottom line by avoiding the much larger costs and possible fines associated with prosecution. That said, it is never too late to seek our involvement where prosecution is anticipated; we have extensive experience of improving a client’s position at interviews under caution with a regulator, identifying mitigating circumstances in polluting cases where the size of the fine is at stake and in agreeing remedial programmes with the regulator.

One further aspect of environmental law is well worth noting. Where a company is successfully prosecuted, a director of that company deemed to be responsible for the breach by the company can also be prosecuted for the same breach. Such personal responsibility may give rise to a personal fine and, in the worst cases, possible imprisonment.

It is prudent, as well as cost effective, therefore for the board to heed the warning and to take expert advice from Fitz Solicitors on this increasingly important and sensitive area of law.

We are also experienced in advising on statutory nuisance issues (for example, smells or noise from industrial plant or barking dogs from a neighbour’s premises) and, in conjunction with our civil litigation department, on common law nuisances.

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